SEDEX 2018:韩国半导体产业展示会[CSIA]
SEDEX 2018:韩国半导体产业展示会
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SEDEX将于2018. 10.24(星期三)~26(星期五)首都Coex开幕

Coex Hall C (3F), Seoul



Show Outline

 Title: The 20th Semiconductor Exhibition (SEDEX 2018)

 Date: 2018. 10. 24(Wed.) ~ 26(Fri.), 3days

 Venue: COEX Exhibition Center, Gangnam Seoul

 Exhibits: Memory, SoC, IC design, Analog, Logic, CIS, Equip./Components, Materials

 Organizer: Korea Semiconductor Industry Association

*Korea Electronics Show(KES) and Display Exhibition(iMiD) are concurrently held with SEDEX.


Top Visiting Companies

Amkor Technology   Dongjin Semichiem  EO Technics  GM Korea Hanwha Techwin  ● Hyundai Mobis  ● KEC  ● LG Electronics  ● LG Innotek  ● LG Siltron  ● MagnaChip

 ● PSK  ● Samsung Electronics  ● SEMES ● SKTelecom  ● SKhynix   ● WONIK

Booth Types and Fees

Booth Type


Space Only

US$ 3,100

Shell Stand

US$ 3,800


US$ 4,100


*Booths are sold in no less than 9 square meter increments

*Unit : 1 Booth (3m*3m = 9m2)

*Shell Stand and Premium Booth : Partition, Fascia, one information desk with one chair, five spotlights 100w, carpet, trash can



Why Should Exhibit

Global Semiconductor Equipment Sales

Korea ranks the largest equipment market and is forecast to remain the top three markets in 2018.


Source : SEMI, December 2017

For inquires or to reserve space, please contact

Ms. Somi Park


Tel (82) 2 570 5275 Fax (82) 2 570 5269

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