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   About CSIA:

China Semiconductor Industry Association (CSIA) was founded on November 17th, 1990, which is a nationwide non-profit social organization established by IC and discrete device manufacturing, design, R&D, package, testing and semiconductor equipment and material companies and institutions. It is a body corporate authorized by Ministry of Civil Affairs.

In accordance with the Constitution, Laws, regulations, and industry policies of China, serve for member companies, for industry, and for government through carious activities;
· Link up semiconductor enterprises with authorities concerned;
· Protect the rights and interests of member companies and the whole industry, and promote China’s semiconductor industry development.

1. Carry out government-issued policy and regulation; provide consultations and suggestions to government on industry policy covering economy, technology and equipment.
2. Provide information consultation work; conduct investigation, statistics, research and forecast on industry and market; provide member companies and government timely information on market trend, industry investigation, and etc; conduct policy-oriented, information-oriented and market oriented work.
3. Conduct economic, technological, and academic exchange activities. Organize seminars on new product and technology and international exhibition with the aim of serving members to expand domestic and foreign markets.
4. Develop international exchange and cooperation. Develop the relationship with foreign organizations, to promote industry development and industry internationalization.
5. Assist government on drawing up (amending) industry standard, national standard and recommending standard. Promote the standards’ implementations.
6. Organize training programs for technology staff, administration staff and technical workers.
7. Protect member’s legal rights and interests; oppose unfair competition; protect intellectual property; drive and organize the compiling of guild regulation; promote the establishment and perfection of economic system.
8. Edit and publish professional print.
9. Carry out other projects assigned from governments.

Major Activities:
1. Actively push the implementation of national IC industry policy.
  · Industry policy research
  · IC enterprise qualification certificating

2. Play the role as a bridge, set up information exchange platform.
  · Organize China International IC Exhibition & Summit (IC China) every year
  · Organize China IC Market Conference China every year
  · Organize the Awards for innovated products and technology of China’s semiconductor companies
  · Organize various seminars
  · Organize Training class

3. Participate in activities of World Semiconductor Council, extend international cooperation and exchange.
As China’s investment environment turning more perfection and China’s semiconductor industry growing more healthy, China has become an investment hotspot in the whole world. In August of 2006, CSIA joined in World Semiconductor Council, which will promote a more broad mutual benefits’ cooperation between China’s domestic companies and foreign counterparts.

4. Conduct information consultation and industry statistics
  · Conducting statistics and analysis industry data every quarter
  · Compiling A Report on Development Status of Semiconductor Industry in China each year
  · Publish Directory of China Semiconductor Industry Association periodically
Establish the authoritative website www.csia.net.cn

   CSIA Leadership:

Jiang Shangzhou
Chairman of Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation

Executive Vice Chairman:
Xu Jinshou
Director of Scientific and Technical Committee, China Center for Information Industry Development

Honorary chairman, technology advisor:
Yu Zhongyu
Former Chief Engineer of the Ministry of Electronics Industry

Honorary adviser:
Wang Guoguang, Ye Disheng, Zou Shichang, Tong Baoan, Zhao Zhengping

Executive Vice Chairman:
Xu Xiaotian
Former Deputy Director General of Ministry of Information Industry

Vice Chairman:

Wang Xinchao
Chairman and General Manager of Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Shi Mingda
Chairman of Nantong Fujitsu Microelectronics Co., Ltd.

Ye Tianchun,
President of the Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Feng Hai
President of Beijing Semiconductor Industry Association

Liu Liehong,
General Manager of China Electronics Corporation

Sun Ruikun
Vice President of Administration and Government Relationship and Secretary of the Party Committee, Shanghai Hua Hong NEC Electronics Company, Limited

Yan Xiaolang
President of Zhejiang Semiconductor Industry Association

Yang Kewu
President of the 13th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation

Hu Aimin
Deputy General Manager of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation

Tu Hailing
Academician of General Research Institute for Nonferrous Metals

Fu Wenbiao
President of Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Association

Wei Shaojun
Board Member & CEO, China Key System Co., Ltd.

Distinguished Vice Chairman:

Wang Qinsheng
Chairman of Beijing Huada Infosec Technology, LTD

Wang Guoping
CEO of China Resources Microelectronics Limited

Bi Keyun
Researcher of China Academy of Electronics and Information Technology

Chen Lihua
General manager of China National Electronic Device Corporation

Chen Xian
Former Director of strategy department of information technology research institute, China Electronics Corporation

Deputy Secretary General:

Yu Xiekang
Secretary General of IC Branch of China Semiconductor Industry Association

Li Jun
CEO of CCID Consulting Co., Ltd.

Chen Nanxiang
Vice President of Strategies Panning & Business Development, China Resources Microelectronics Ltd.

Xu Zhenhua
Division chief of China Center for Information Industry Development


   CSIA Branch:

Five Branches:
· IC Branch,
· Semiconductor discrete device Branch
· IC Design Branch
· Semiconductor Supporting Sector Branch
· Semiconductor Packaging Branch

Four working committees:
· IP & Product Innovation Working Committee
· Environment, Safety and Health (ESH) Working Committee
· Statistics and Information Working Committee
· Embedded System and Application Working Committee

   CSIA Membership:

There are more than 580 members of CSIA. List of Member Companies:

1. Comprehensive and Service Members
2. IC Manufacture Members
3. Discrete Device Members
4. IC Design Members
5. Semiconductor Supporting Sector Members

6. Packaging & Testing Members

   Main Annual Events:

1. China International IC Exhibition & Summit (IC China)
IC China is a trade show, which is hosted by CSIA and has been held successfully for 6 years. It features the integration of IC exhibition with the summit and seminars, displaying the entire IC industry chain. After six years development, the exhibition area has expanded to 15,000 square meters.
There will be several seminars during IC China. Summit is the highlights. Top executives from well-know semiconductor companies will attend the summit and make speeches.
The theme of IC China 2009 is positively responding to the financial crisis, strengthening cooperation to create industrial value chain, and seeking development by serving domestic demand expansion, and will be held from Oct. 22nd to 24th in Suzhou. eMAX will be held at the same time and place with IC China. The following topics will be discussed during the summit and seminar: intensifying the technology and product innovation, opening up new markets, promoting the integration of industry chain, and etc. High level government officials and CEOs from global well-known semiconductor companies will attend the summit and talk over the global industry’s situation, China’s domestic industry development and policies.

2. IC Market Conference China
IC Market Conference China is hosted by CSIA and CCID Group in Shanghai every year. IC Market Conference China focuses on the hot issues and seeks solutions to those problems.
People from well-known semiconductor vendors, system enterprises, research institutions and investment firms will attend the meeting and make speech.
Our aim is to build the IC Market Conference China as a top-class conference in China.

3. Awards for innovated products/technologies of China’s semiconductor companies
Each year, CSIA evaluate and select the most innovative products/technologies of China’s semiconductor companies from the following six aspects: IC products, IC manufacturing technology, Discrete device, IC packaging and testing, Semiconductor equipments and Semiconductor special materials.

   CSIA Main Publications:

A Report on Development Status of Semiconductor Industry in China ¥800 (Member price¥400)
Directory of China Semiconductor Industry Association ¥100
The Developing Global IC Industry(Chinese Edition) ¥200
4. Report on Solar Photovoltaic Industry (Chinese Edition)¥60
China IC (Periodical) ¥15 (¥180 for the whole year)

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