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   About CSIA:

China Semiconductor Industry Association (CSIA) was founded on November 17th, 1990, which is a nationwide non-profit social organization established by IC and discrete device manufacturing, design, R&D, package, testing and semiconductor equipment and material companies and institutions. It is a body corporate authorized by Ministry of Civil Affairs.

In accordance with the Constitution, Laws, regulations, and industry policies of China, serve for member companies, for industry, and for government through carious activities;
· Link up semiconductor enterprises with authorities concerned;
· Protect the rights and interests of member companies and the whole industry, and promote China’s semiconductor industry development.

1. Carry out government-issued policy and regulation; provide consultations and suggestions to government on industry policy covering economy, technology and equipment.
2. Provide information consultation work; conduct investigation, statistics, research and forecast on industry and market; provide member companies and government timely information on market trend, industry investigation, and etc; conduct policy-oriented, information-oriented and market oriented work.
3. Conduct economic, technological, and academic exchange activities. Organize seminars on new product and technology and international exhibition with the aim of serving members to expand domestic and foreign markets.
4. Develop international exchange and cooperation. Develop the relationship with foreign organizations, to promote industry development and industry internationalization.
5. Assist government on drawing up (amending) industry standard, national standard and recommending standard. Promote the standards’ implementations.
6. Organize training programs for technology staff, administration staff and technical workers.
7. Protect member’s legal rights and interests; oppose unfair competition; protect intellectual property; drive and organize the compiling of guild regulation; promote the establishment and perfection of economic system.
8. Edit and publish professional print.
9. Carry out other projects assigned from governments.

Major Activities:
1. Actively push the implementation of national IC industry policy.
  · Industry policy research
  · IC enterprise qualification certificating

2. Play the role as a bridge, set up information exchange platform.
  · Organize China International IC Exhibition & Summit (IC China) every year
  · Organize China IC Market Conference China every year
  · Organize the Awards for innovated products and technology of China’s semiconductor companies
  · Organize various seminars
  · Organize Training class

3. Participate in activities of World Semiconductor Council, extend international cooperation and exchange.
As China’s investment environment turning more perfection and China’s semiconductor industry growing more healthy, China has become an investment hotspot in the whole world. In August of 2006, CSIA joined in World Semiconductor Council, which will promote a more broad mutual benefits’ cooperation between China’s domestic companies and foreign counterparts.

4. Conduct information consultation and industry statistics
  · Conducting statistics and analysis industry data every quarter
  · Compiling A Report on Development Status of Semiconductor Industry in China each year
  · Publish Directory of China Semiconductor Industry Association periodically
Establish the authoritative website www.csia.net.cn

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